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My wife and I have been together for over 35 years and all around us family and friends have broken up in relationships,  gotten divorced, been involved in child custody battles and have suffered heartbreak. I am often asked for advice for relationships and this is what prompted me to start this website which has been running for over 10 years now.

After my share of dating experiences when I was younger, and also being part of a very large family I can assure you I have also had my share of relationship experiences, and learned what works…and what doesn’t! Naturally like many others our relationship has had many ups and downs, along the way.

Many friends and family have said to me that I have had a natural knack for match making, and with this talent have helped many the same from family and friends, and even my sons find their perfect partners. My two sons that have had their share of relationship problems also applied practical advice I gave them and both are now happily involved with the girls of their dreams

My past study of relationships problems and providing of advice.

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Many hours have been spent by me answering emails with helpful advice on relationship and I also used to participate in many relationship forums too. Of course this became very time consuming keeping me away from other commitments so I stopped doing so. It was nice to enjoy young men and married couples sending me emails of gratitude after implementing the advice I gave them.

I started this website now and keep it updated with advertiser offers to help with relationship problems and I hope it will help you with yours. After reviewing most relationship guides offers, accessories and other relationship tools to ensure they are quality I add  only the best relationship guides online, and keep it updated as often as time allows.

No one Should Have to Grow old Alone!

Many friendships between men and women develop deep love for each other, and the result can be a powerful relationship together as time passes.

Having said that there will definitely be obstacles on the way in your relationship growth, and perhaps a full blown argument or disagreement may result in breaking up deciding that they are unable to cope with the problem anymore.

If you knew you were really meant for each other then you will do everything to find the answer to how to repair your broken relationship. This can mean even investing in expert advice from relationship professionals


What About From Love to Being just Friends Again?

After breaking up with your partner you may return to just being friends again like it was initially but it could be that you or your partner secretly want to know how to repair your broken relationship to get it back to the way it was again into a loving intimate one.Before rushing into trying to renewing and repairing any broken relationship to what it was before, some practical expert advice on how to repair your broken relationship should be looked up. This will make sure that you will not make mistake again, and you can follow the correct steps to really work things out.

The internet is packed with general advice but to access expert relationship guides you will have to make a small investment which is certainly you will agree well worth it to make sure you get the right advice

When Being Just Friends is just not enough

Friendships between men and women are a form of commitment between two people that stops short of physical interaction, and romantic love. As mentioned above; deep friendships between men and women and even same sexes may develop into loving sexual relationships, with long term views of even getting married later and spending your lives together.When being friends is just not enough for you then even more work is necessary to build a true loving relationship with your partner because they may be waiting for you to take that step.

You will have to work hard at this and at the same time also do everything possible to prevent something going wrong that could result in a relationship breakup where you love both your friend and even your lover as well. It is practical looking up accurate information and guides on how to keep relationships strong while you are involved. Rather this, than suffering a broken heart and looking for advice on how to repair damaged relationships after you have broken up.

Breakups can happen in the strongest relationships.

How To Get your Ex Back

Expert advice is available out there on how to get back with your Ex Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife, Husband or Partner back and even stop divorce. If your relationship has been very precious to you all along, and only now that your partner has gone you really realize this don’t hesitate to get expert advice fast from professional relationship counselor, rather than just trusting in general scanty advice that has been smacked together through guesswork and own experiences.

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Best of Luck for maintaining a beautiful long lasting relationship…Forever!